Are you a direct lender?

Yes, we are direct lenders not brokers.

What type of loans do you make?

We offer 12-month interest-only loans backed by residential property.

What are your rates?

Our rates are between 8-11%. The rate will depend on borrower experience, size of the project, and location of the property.

What states do you lend in?

Check out our “States We Serve” map on our Services page.

How fast can you close a deal?

We can close our deals in as quickly as 15 days.

What kind of properties will you lend on?

Single-family residential and multi-family.

Is there a minimum credit score?

Yes, 600 is our minimum credit score. However, mitigating factors may be considered for borrowers with credit scores under 600.

Do you require tax returns?

No, we do not require tax returns to approve your loan.

Do you lend to first time borrowers?

Yes, we are here to help everyone regardless of experience.

Do you lend to individuals?

No, all loans must be made to an LLC.

Do I have to put any money into the deal?

Yes, we have our clients invest 10% into the deal.

What are the costs to me?

The costs will be 2-3.5 points and an interest rate ranging from 8-11%

What are your after-repair value (ARV) requirements?

Our max ARV is 70%.

Do you require an appraisal?

Yes, we will either have an appraisal done or a desktop valuation will be done to determine both as-is and after-repair value (ARV) values.

Will you lend me money for the construction?

Yes, we will lend you money for the construction portion of your loan. The construction funds will be held in an escrow account and as you complete the construction and then will be disbursed as work is completed.

How are the construction funds received?

When you are ready to request a draw, we will order an inspection. We will then disburse the amount of money that the inspector recommends based off of the completed work.

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